A few things happened over the last few months that got us thinking it might be time to feature a group of friends as the app icon. We realized that Clubhouse is, first and foremost, about friendships and spending time together. This might sound obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be stated. Clubhouse is almost never a solo experience, with the few exceptions like John Mayer's famous, prodigious stream-of-consciousness room. Around the same time, we witnessed the rise of Women Watching Sports Live — a club that has been thriving on the app for quite a while now, but really caught our eyes and ears towards the end of last year.

The club was founded by three women — Tashari Berry, Ashley Grigsby and Deandra, a.k.a. Deon, Whitby — whose friendship spans many years and cities. Ashley and Deon met in middle school, starting with a conflict around a made-up boyfriend (we'll let them explain that in a room sometime, but clearly it all ends well). Years later, Ashley's friend Tashari needed a place to stay in D.C., so she ended up at Deon's, despite the fact that they'd never met and only had this one mutual connection — and they became friends in a matter of days. Thus, a group chat was born. But it wasn't for a few years when they were all together in the same city that they realized they had a shared love of sports. Today, they run one of the most beloved sports clubs, creating a space that is by women, for women, but welcomes all for respectful, friendly, but passionate discussion of everything from F1 racing to soccer, WNBA, March Madness, minor and major league baseball, and college sports. Some of you might also know of their second club, whose name shall not be printed here due to...reasons.

Tashari, Ashley and Deon are the perfect faces to usher in our first-ever group icon, because not only are they three parts of a friendship that has stood the test of time and space, but they've also created those friendships among many more people on the app. When they came to LA to shoot this photo, all kinds of people — including former icons and friends from across the pond — showed up to say hi. Their welcoming, smiling faces brought the feeling of Clubhouse at its best to life, and we're honored to share that with the rest of you.

Stay tuned to hear more about the club and the icons' journey in an upcoming interview with Francesca Hogi!