Some people come to Clubhouse for friendship. Some come for deep discussions that make you think. Some come to be soothed, talk through problems, or to soul search. Some people are just here for a good time. We are lucky to have a community full of creators and clubs who meet every one of those needs — but there's one woman who does all of it, all at once, multiple times a week. Her name is Francesca Hogi, and her brilliant smile and pierce-your-soul eyes are the new face of Clubhouse for the month of February.

Francesca's club True Love Society focuses on love and relationships in all their forms. But for those who show up regularly to Franny's rooms, it's known as a healing place where people can be vulnerable, show their hearts and find comfort and support in a joyful community of people who are also seeking something greater in their emotional life.

Keep your ears out for an icon-to-icon conversation as Abraxas hands off the torch and interviews Franny about her journey so far, coming later this week!