Last month we kicked off our very first Soundcheck (closing tomorrow, so get those final responses in if you haven’t already!) and have already received a ton of great ideas. Today, we’re launching a few updates that have been some of the most requested by you… So let’s get started!

Share on Clubhouse (plus Clip + Share Counts)

The best part of Clubhouse has always been the community. From helping each other find jobs or significant others, to raising tens of thousands of dollars for charity, you all go the extra mile (kilometer) to support each other! One of the pieces of feedback we’ve heard most is that people need more ways to discover great rooms that are happening in distant parts of the hallway — and to have their rooms get discovered by others.

That’s why today, we’re beginning to roll out improvements to the share button, the most significant one being the ability to tap Share on Clubhouse whenever you’re in a great room, so your followers can know about it. Here’s how it works:

Now when you tap the “Share” button at the bottom of a room (or Replay), you’ll see three options: Share on Clubhouse, share via a social network, or copy the link to share via a messaging app. If you select Share on Clubhouse, you’ll be able to add a comment (e.g., “This person is rapping people’s bios and it’s insane”) and then share it to your followers. They’ll see this room in their Hallway and, if the room is live, also be notified that you shared it so they can come join you.

Sharing on Clubhouse is going to be one of the best ways to let your friends know about great rooms. In an NBA Fan Club room and an athlete just jumped up on stage? In a room about a new NFT project and the artist made a surprise appearance? Share it so your followers can drop in and check it out!

With this release, we’re also giving creators more tools to understand how their rooms are doing by launching Share and Clip counts at the bottom of the room — and the beginnings of a new Room Insights page. To start, creators will only be able to see the shares of their room, but we’ll be adding more insights over time.

Version one (read this is just the beginning) of both of these features are starting to roll out to iOS and Android this week, so make sure to update your app!

Web Listening

Now that the holidays are over and people are heading back to school and work, we’ve also been hearing about the need for web listening. Fortunately, an intrepid team started to explore this very feature at our hackathon last month.  And beginning this week, we’re ready to share their work (read: there will be bugs so please report them!!!) with all of you.

Web Listening allows anyone to listen to a Clubhouse room from their phones or laptops, without needing to download an app or log in! To start, it will work for both Replays and live Rooms with Replays enabled, and will include support for most major browsers. It will be rolling out as an experiment in the U.S. starting today. If you find it useful, we’ll plan to expand support to cover more room types, more countries, and more parts of the full Clubhouse experience over time.

We are so excited to kick off 2022 (which btw makes us think of this) with this update, and we hope that it gives you more ways to find great rooms, get discovered, and have fun with your friends on Clubhouse.

That’s all for today! As always, please make sure to update your apps, submit any questions for Town Hall, and send us your thoughts and bug reports. Happy new year!