We always say conversations on Clubhouse are like being at a great dinner or cocktail party — where you hear amazing people all around you, with new people dropping in and out and and interesting ideas coming from all sides. Today we're excited to announce that we've enhanced Clubhouse with a new technology called spatial audio, which helps bring incredible rooms to life even more.

When you're in the audience, you'll now hear the people around you in 3D, which makes the experience a bit more lifelike and human. It's also easier for your brain to track who is talking, thanks to subtle spatial cues. Spatial audio works best with headphones, wired or otherwise! Check out this demo video with some explanation from our own Justin Uberti to see and hear for yourself:

The feature will start slowly rolling out as the default experience for all new iOS users starting today, with Android coming soon. If you prefer the old listening experience, you can turn spatial audio off anytime in your settings, but we think you're gonna love it!