Many of the most popular rooms on Clubhouse point to things in the outside world. Clubs like News News News and Tech News Around the World gather each morning to discuss the headlines. People host live fundraisers, raising thousands of dollars to build schools in Africa. Authors are doing book tours. Musicians, podcasters, and comedians are getting discovered and selling tickets to shows (Congrats, Austin!). Journalists are dissecting their pieces and introducing audiences to new writers. Fashion designers and entrepreneurs are selling amazing products they created. Somehow, they have been creative enough to do this using only their voices.

Today, we’re introducing a new feature for creators called Pinned Links — to make all of this much easier. :)

As you might suspect. Pinned Links allow you to pin a link to the top of your room. If you’re the room moderator, just tap the “...” menu in the upper right, then tap “Pin a Link.” Any moderator can change or remove the link anytime.

We suspect that people will use Pinned Links in all sorts of fun ways — like playing games, running polls, and sharing links to YouTube videos. Just as importantly, we’re excited to see Pinned Links help room creators drive people to subscribe to their Substack, download their podcast, read their book, go see them at The Laugh Factory, discover their new single, buy their product, and support their Patreon or GoFundMe page.

Pinned links will go live on Wednesday, Oct 27 on both iOS and Android — joining a host of new features we’ve announced these past few weeks to help you start rooms with friends, plan events and 1:1s, search for rooms, share clips, make great sounding music, and share Replays of your content far and wide. We hope these features make your Clubhouse experience better and better, and we plan to stay heads down shipping more of them for you each week.