Today we’re rolling out a new way to talk with your friends. 

People use voice to talk with friends because it’s faster than a text and more personal and fun to hear your friends speaking. But there are times when it might be easier to type, like if you’re in the middle of class, at work, or in a noisy cafe. For those times, you can now talk with your thumbs, with a fun new feature we call custom voice.

Imagine you text a friend, but on the other end they hear your words as if you actually said them. Your custom voice makes talking and typing or reading and listening all feel seamless so you never lose that feeling of being in a live conversation. 


To get started, just record a snippet of your speech and with a little AI magic, your custom voice is ready to go. And it’s surprisingly good! It’s almost like your voice, even with all the ums and ahs, your unique cadence, and even your southern drawl. Well, everything except laughing, which still sounds awkward… but AI will get there. :)

Only you can use your custom voice, and your friends will always be able to see if it’s the real you talking or if they’re getting the next best thing. 

We’re starting to roll this out today in the US and you can check out more about how it works on our FAQ. Try it out and let us know what you think.