If you're in the states, hopefully you're getting a day off today and spending some time with family — whatever the holiday means to you. Even though our collective team to-do list is bursting at the seams right now, we're also trying to take a moment to breathe and think about how blessed and grateful we all are for our families, friends, our team, and the fact that we get to spend hours chatting with cool people around the world and pretend it's work.

We often talk about "building in public" and that doesn't just extend to talking openly about our roadmap and brainstorming live in town hall. It also means many of our employees have gotten to know and become fans of and even close friends with the people who use the app. A few folks will be talking about this very thing during our special (short!) Thanksgiving break Town Hall on Sunday but in the meantime, we figured the most fitting way to share some thanks today was just to gather a few words from the people who make Clubhouse work, day in and day out.

Elise, Product

This year, I left a half-decade relationship- one of the toughest changes in my life. And so I’m thankful for many kindnesses from my community: a neighbor helping me gather my cat from a tree, colleagues for drinks and straight talk, family that always picks up the phone, friends with spare seats at their Thanksgiving tables. I’m thankful for moments of glee (Elon on Good Time; Anu’s hat) and of grace with Clubhouse users in China, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan, Ethiopia that came to Clubhouse to share their experiences and just talk. And I’m thankful for the chance to have joined the team at Clubhouse and getting to help build for that amazing community.

John, Product

I’m beyond grateful for my wife and dogs, who’ve made what’s otherwise been a very difficult last 20 months full of love and laughter. I’m also deeply thankful to the entire Clubhouse team, creators and community for helping me feel connected to the world even  while being in quarantine. I’m particularly appreciative of Ding Zheng, Jeff Weisbein, Startup Club, UCLA Club and the Anti UX UX Club for hosting incredible conversations which have kept me entertained and engaged for hours on end.

Mackenzie, Trust & Safety

I am thankful for my ability to share these holidays in person with my loved ones this year. It has been amazing to be able to laugh, hug, celebrate and travel with my friends and family after over a year of very limited interactions. Although, I am also very grateful for the Clubhouse community for allowing me to connect, laugh and learn from people all over the world even when we were unable to leave our homes.

Eric, Operations

I am grateful I am working at the best startup, got engaged and bought my first home in 2021. So grateful to the folks that made Clubhouse amazing thus far with a special shoutout to Aarthi (@aathir) and Dan (@dashton). Lastly, I’m grateful for the IDC Club friends for helping me learn Korean on Clubhouse + the English teachers on Clubhouse who are teaching my 65 year old Mom English!

Justin, Product

After the challenges of 2020, I’m thankful to be able to be together with my loving wife, children, and extended family at Thanksgiving this year. It’s also been great to work on projects at Clubhouse that align with my personal interests, like Music Mode. Co-jamming with other musicians on Clubhouse has been a lot of fun, looking forward to seeing what else is possible here!

Grey, Communications

I am incredibly thankful for the resilience and adaptability of our children: masks, air hugs, nonchalance about weekly testing...as the adults have gotten crazier, the kids are alright.  I’m also thankful for the laughter: Hot on the Mic, Facial Recognition Comedy, Let’s Have Coffee Together, Tech News Around The World, plus anytime Patrice Lakey is reading or Grace is speaking geek.

Moriah, Trust & Safety

Thankful for a year full of challenges! From watching my mother beat Covid-19 while in the hospital to my partner deploying to serve our great country, add in hurricane Ida and finally having the opportunity to grow a little human who arrives December 2021. In addition, reflecting on the small and big Clubhouse moments from listening to John Mayor serenade an entire room to pure happiness all the way to gleefully sipping my morning cup of joe to "News, News, News" so so grateful for this online community.

Shelbi, Marketing

I’m thankful for quality time with my family and friends. As devastating as the pandemic has been, I feel really lucky to have had so much quality time with the people I love. I temporarily moved in with my parents when my lease in NYC ended and that’s probably the most time I’ve spent with them since middle school. I’m also thankful for remote work, it allows me the flexibility to be anywhere and everywhere. Last but not least, I’m thankful for our team at Clubhouse. I was admittedly nervous to start a new job in the midst of a global pandemic, but our team continues to make it a great experience. I’m always laughing, learning a ton and surrounded by people who are simply the best at what they do.

Maya, Marketing

Oh what a year it’s been! A divorce, a new job and a move across the country — so grateful for family, close friends and my dogs (Claire huxtable and Tina turner). My favorite thing about Clubhouse is our team that are truly incredible, kind-hearted, good humans. Special thanks to the Club Bravo fam that keeps me up to date on all things housewives, creator chats in The Authenticated, morning meditations with Devi Brown in Chopra Club, Popular Opinion chats about our fave Adele, #CatchTheseCompliments in The Love Bomb Rooms, Queen Sugar and Insecure recaps in Sit Black and Watch, Cocoa Connection and the hilarious Respectfully morning show and creators like Toni Thai and Denise Hamilton who have been so supportive.

Luke, Engineering

I am a very lucky and thankful person to have my wife who is the ultimate life partner and way out of my league. This year we welcomed our second kid under two and I could not be more thankful to be the dad of two happy and healthy little boys. This year at Clubhouse has been the most exciting of my career. I will forever treasure the early days where there were just nine of us behind the fastest growing and most exciting social network in the world. I am thankful for the team we have built and the talented people that have joined Clubhouse along the way - especially the incredible backend team who make it so much fun to show up at work each day.

Sean, Marketing

I’m incredibly thankful for my loving wife, thoughtful mother, amazing 6yr old daughter, supportive family and crew of friends that inspire me. Thankful to work with such an unbelievable team at Clubhouse that truly motivates one another daily to create a product we all love that connects the world in such a meaningful way. Special shout to all the terrific sports partners and creators, I’m thankful for you all that keep us informed, entertained and let us debate our favorite moments and teams!

Mike, Product

I’m grateful that my wife, my kid and I are healthy, which does not feel like a given these days. I'm grateful for my accomplished, brainy coworkers who unofficially seem to prioritize kindness and patience first.

Zach, Product

Really thankful that I’m healthy and that I’m surrounded with so many kind and empathetic people. My favourite Clubhouse moment was joining one of those live music making rooms for the first time. 🎶

Jonathan, Product

I’m so grateful for my brilliant and supportive wife, who never ceases to inspire. I feel lucky that our family is safe and healthy, and thankful to the people who bring daily moments of joy--my caring and fun in-laws, my thoughtful manager and coworkers, and my friends who’ve continued a Dungeons & Dragons campaign nearly every Tuesday for the last 4+ years.

Colleen, Trust & Safety

I’m really thankful to the Trust & Safety Ops team for taking a chance on me and for helping me to learn the ropes- I feel lucky to be a part of such a mission-driven team! I’m also grateful for the flexibility of working from home this year- I’ve been able to witness my baby’s first steps and squeeze in an occasional hug during the work day-- I do not take that for granted!

Nick, Operations

There is so much to be thankful for! 🙏 After meeting a terrific person on Clubhouse, who is now my significant other, I have also moved for the first time away from the San Francisco Bay Area to another U.S. State. During that process, I’m grateful for the friends that have still kept in touch and new friends I’ve made along the way. Working remotely throughout 2020/2021 has been a transition, and the Clubhouse Family has been truly supportive and helped make it a terrific experience. Really excited for what’s to come! 🎉

Paddy, Product

I’m thankful for my one year old daughter, wonderful wife, and loving family. This year has been the most fulfilling, memorable, joy-filled year of my life for many reasons but being a part of my daughter’s life and experiencing fatherhood has played the biggest role. I’m also thankful for my Clubhouse family. It’s been an incredible year building this community and giving people a platform to do what they do best: talk and connect.

Moh, Engineering

I am so grateful for my wife for always standing by my side and supporting me. I am thankful for my children for bringing so much love and joy into my life. I am also very thankful I get to build and grow Clubhouse alongside an amazing team.

Kelly, Marketing

I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I get to have in my life, and for their health and mine. I couldn’t be more grateful to have my daughter home from college to hug on (too much), and my amazing husband to enjoy life with. I also feel so incredibly lucky and grateful for the special, brilliant team of people I get to work with every day. Also, for delicious tacos.

Nina, Marketing

I am grateful for my husband and my kids. They’ve supported my work as a journalist through increasingly difficult news cycles. I’m also grateful to be out of daily news and into creating solutions to some of the critical issues facing journalism and news. It’s a position I could’ve never imagined or seen myself in, but a dear friend I met on Clubhouse sent me the job posting and thought I’d be a good fit. I’m grateful for the real friends I’ve made and the moments I’ve been witness to on this incredible platform -- and now to get to work on it with such kind, smart colleagues (so many Bruins!).

Aly, Operations

I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people on a daily basis on the Clubhouse Team. Thank you to Paul and Rohan, for building a community to connect us, and make us all just a little bit more human everyday! It has been such an honor to be a part of a small,but mighty team who is building this. I am so grateful to my hubby, for holding down the fort with my 3 babes, while I travel into the office, or just knock out a project. Excited to see where another year takes us!

Mopewa, Product

I'm incredibly grateful to have found a great group of friends over the past year. I'm grateful for my luck crossing paths with the Clubhouse team and getting this once in a lifetime opportunity to work with these incredibly talented and generous group of people! Shout out to Anu and Nick for the numerous laughs with their Clubhouse rooms. And lastly, super grateful to the Clubhouse community (especially the Nigerian community 🇳🇬) for the super nice messages of congratulations and encouragement as we worked towards launching the Android app and general release over the summer.

Clare, Trust & Safety

From graduating college, moving to San Francisco, and beginning my first full time role at Clubhouse, I have so much to be grateful for this year! I am thankful to have the opportunity to work each day to make the Clubhouse community safer. I have learned so much this year and am endlessly grateful for all the friendships and mentors I have made. Thank you to all the talented, driven, creative people on the Clubhouse team that continue to inspire me and help me grow each day! Shout out to Hyperhouse for all the fun, laughs, and lessons on pop culture!

Revant, Engineering

I’m very thankful to my wife, my family back home in India and my friends here for giving me plenty of reasons to be happy and for always being there for me. Clubhouse is one of the best teams I have worked with! Still remember the early days when we were juggling with the CH growth spurts in all the countries trying to make sure that the app works and users see relevant content.

Parth, Analytics

Thankful for the good health of my friends and family. Thankful for my clubhouse family, the people I work with, the people I have met (both IRL and online), and the people I have yet to meet. There's something magical about connecting with people over shared interests, sharing the things that make us different, and I'm excited for the growth that comes with it.

Lexi, Marketing

My partner got a job in a different city, so I’m living alone for the first time in a long time right now. I’m so grateful for all the friends who are keeping me afloat — whether it’s late night waves from Nick and Maya, or the time a bunch of random Clubhouse people went from strangers to buddies in a few minutes because I needed help deciding what to order for dinner (we went with ramen).

Faraz, Operations

I'm thankful to have spent so much quality time in 2021 with family & friends (including our newest furry family member!) and for having so much to look forward to in 2022 with our wedding and travel plans. I'm thankful to be working alongside THE most talented team of builders & creators (special shoutout NBA Fan Club!) who I learn so much from each and everyday. And I'm especially thankful for the global impact Clubhouse has had on my life and the lives of many others, from here stateside all the way to the country my parents immigrated from, Iran. Cannot wait for what 2022 has in store for us!