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Young Thug joins the Crenshaw District

This was a busy week for rap on Clubhouse. First YB was confessing his love for Doja Cat, then Young Thug came on with The Audibles, courtesy of Kita Trotter and the Crenshaw District. Listen here.

Siddha Returns

The preferred life coach of CEOs whose no-bullshit style made him a beloved host on Clubhouse has returned from a long break with a typically spicy room title: "YOU HAVE WASTED YOUR ENTIRE LIFE (but it's ok)". Find out if you have, in fact, wasted your entire life and whether or not it is actually ok here.

Bruno Mars makes you think

Bruno Mars is an incredible artist who wears silk outfits like nobody’s business. He’s also one whose aesthetic and sound has brought up essential questions about the nature of appreciation vs. appropriation, and the far-reaching influence of Black culture in American music. This conversation among Bruno fans and cultural critics examines the big question: where exactly is that line, and how much does it matter in music? Listen here.

The gas prices are too damn high

An in-depth discussion with expert analyst Ben Cahill. This conversation covers the long list of complex factors that come together to cause skyrocketing prices — and because it’s hosted by Politics + Media 101, you know it’s a genuinely non-partisan look at the issue. Listen here.

Succession Episode 7 Discussion

“Too Much Birthday” was among the darkest episodes yet. As is usually the case with the Roy family, nobody wins, even when it looks like they’re on top. This recurring room had some particularly hot takes last week. Listen here.

Tiger King has a crypto coin now

How a guy who grew up Amish created the new $tking token — and why it’s a surprising avenue for criminal justice reform. Listen here.

Adult friendships are underrated

So much of the writing coming out of the Advice Industrial Complex focuses on work, marriage, and family. But when did we decide friendships aren’t a vital part of grown-up life? This discussion will make you want to text your best friend or possibly even call them on the phone (gasp!) and tell them you care. Listen here.